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Friday, April 25, 2008 : Lecture of David Monchaud, Institut Curie, Orsay (France)

Stabilizing G-quadruplex DNA by organic molecules and metallo-organic complexes: a novel avenue for cancer therapy

Over the past decade, the nucleic acid chemists have seen the spectacular emergence of molecules designed to interact efficiently and selectively with a peculiar DNA structure named G-quadruplex. Initially derived from classical DNA intercalators, these G-quadruplex ligands progressively became the focal point of new excitement since they appear to inhibit selectively the growth of cancer cells, thereby opening interesting perspectives towards the development of novel anti-cancer drugs. A description of recent advances in this field, covering both organic molecules and metallo-organic complexes, will be done, with an emphasis on the molecular determinants involved in target recognition.

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Contact: Franck Denat

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