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Vendredi 25 janvier 2008 : Conf de Allan Williams, Université de Genève (Suisse)

Chimie des complexes polynucléaires: les structures des cubanes et les mécanismes d'échange

The transition metal cubanes are a large family of compounds containing a central M4X4 unit (X = O; S) with a wide range of oxidation states. Fe4S4 centres are well known in biology, Mn4O4 units are found in single molecule magnets, and a CaMn3O4 unit has been postulated as part of the oxygen evolving centre of photosystem II. This talk will focus on the oxygen bridged M4O4 systems. A structural survey of the complexes will be given, showing the importance of ligand design to favour the formation of the cubane or stabilise a given oxidation state. The structural classification throws some light on the complex magnetic properties of the cubanes.
In the course of this work we have developed a new trick in using mass spectrometry, PIMMS, which allows the ready characterisation of multinuclear complexes and may be used to study dynamics of self-assembling systems. Examples from the chemistry of cubanes and other systems will be given.

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