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Vendredi 21 septembre 2007 : Conf de Jason B. Love, Edinbourg

Design, synthesis and reactivity of spatially-constrained, binuclear molecular clefts

Di- and polynuclear complexes in which the local coordination spheres and the relative positioning of the metals are precisely managed provide significant insight into numerous and strategic, industrial and biochemical reactions. Successful synthetic strategies to compounds with well-defined structure and function usually rely on prefabricated ligands that minimize fragmentary decomposition pathways and maximize desired structural and reaction properties. This presentation will describe the synthesis of a new series of polypyrrole ligands (L1 to L3) and their evaluation as frameworks for the assembly of polynuclear complexes. In particular, the shape-persistence of mono- and binuclear complexes of the modular, binucleating Schiff-base calixpyrroles (H4L3) will be discussed with reference to the dioxygen reduction reaction, host-guest interactions, and the selective reduction and functionalisation of the uranyl dication.

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Contact : Claude Gros

ICMUB (UMR 5260) - University of Burgundy - Dijon (France)