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Mardi 26 juin 2007 : Conf du Dr Mothi Mohamed Ebrahim, Université de Neuchâtel (Suisse)

Interactions of phosphines towards tin(IV) and organotin(IV) compounds: coordination and beyond

Complexes containing phosphines as ligands are ubiquitous in d-block chemistry but feature much less prominently in the chemistry of s-, f- and p-block elements. Tin(IV) and organotin(IV) halides comprise one of the most convenient systems for studying Lewis acid-base interactions. In solution, phosphines interact with tin to form complexes with diverse stoichiometry and geometry. Studies of the complexes in solid state, however, are still rare. Many derivatives containing Sn-O-P fragments formed due to spontaneous aerial oxidation of phosphines are known. Highly Lewis acidic monoorganotin(IV) chlorides, RSnCl3 (R= Me, nBu, Ph), are found to react with cis-1,2-bis(diphenylphosphino)ethylene to form stable chelate complexes, in which no ligand oxidation has been observed. In solution, these complexes undergo facile redistribution reaction to form SnCl4 derivatives. The solution and solid state structural studies revealing the molecular structure, the geometry, the degree of redistribution and the trans influence of the ligand will be presented.

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Contact : Laurent Plasseraud

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