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Mercredi 30 mai 2007 : Conf du Pr Gerhard Erker, Université de Munster (Allemagne)

Building chemical bridges: novel pathways to ansa-metallocenes and metallocenophanes

Ansa-metallocenes and metallocenophanes are of great importance in organometallic chemistry and catalysis. A variety of new developments is presented and discussed. The Group 4 metallocenes are reluctant to undergo typical functional group transformations at their Cp-ligand backbone. A series of reactions is presented that allow for the ring closure and, thus, the preparation of new ansametallocenes at the stage of the intact e.g. zirconocene framework. A similar reaction is used for the preparation of novel [3]ferrocenophane derivatives. These were used for the synthesis of new chelate ligand systems for asymmetric catalysis. Then the syntheses of some new main group ansametallocenes are presented. The uncommon structural features of an ansa-zincocene are discussed. Finally, a rare case of organic functional group chemistry at the stage of functionalized lithiocene anions is presented. The here used reactions were adapted from recently developed Group 4 metallocene functional group chemistry. The resulting carbon linked Cp-lithium systems are then employed in ansatitanocene synthesis.

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