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Vendredi 25 mai 2007 : Conf de Hans-Jörg Grützmacher, TH-Zurich (Suisse)

Metalloenzyme inspired chemistry with late transition with late transition metal amides

Remarkably, metalloenzymes rarely use the elementary steps on which organometallic catalysis relies, that are oxidative addition or reductive elimination on/from a metal centre. Instead, heterolytic bond cleavage or coupled electron proton transfer steps are observed. It will be discussed, that late transition metal amides or metal aminyl radical complexes(1)  can be used as very efficient and selective catalysts in hydrogenations (TOF’s > 1x106 s-1), transfer hydrogenations, and dehydrogenations. Mechanisms which involve heterolytic cleavages or redox processes coupled to proton transfer will be discussed.

(1) A first stable aminyl radical metal complex: T. Büttner, J. Geier, G. Frison, J. Harmer, C. Calle, A. Schweiger, H. Grützmacher, Science, 2005, 307, 235.

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