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Synthesis and photophysical properties of iron-carbonyl complex-coumarin conjugates as potential bimodal IR-fluorescent probes 2016 Organic Letters  Glowacka P.C., Maindron N., Stephenson R.G., Romieu A., Renard P.-Y., Da SIlva Emery F.
Divergent synthesis of dihydroxanthene-hemicyani ne fused near-infrared fluorophores through the late-stage amination of a bifunctional precursor 2016 Organic Letters  Ong M., Srinivasan R., Romieu A., Richard J.-A.
Synthesis, characterization and electronic properties of porphyrins conjugated with N-heterocyclic carbene (NHC)-gold(I) complexes 2016 Organometallics  Longevial J.F., Langlois A., Buisson A., Devillers C.H., Clément S., Van Der Lee A., Harvey P.D., Richeter S.
Electrostatic contribution to the ion solvation energy: cavity effects 2016 Physics and Chemistry of Liquids  Vorotyntsev M.A., Rubashkin A.A.
The shell of the invasive bivalve species dreissena polymorpha: biochemical, elemental and textural investigations 2016 PLoS One  Immel F., Broussard C., Catherinet B., Plasseraud L., Alcaraz G., Bundeleva I., Marin F.
Facile and efficient chemical functionalization of aliphatic polyesters by cross metathesis 2016 Polymer Chemistry  Fournier L., Robert C., Pourchet S., Gonzalez A., Williams L., Prunet J., Thomas C.M.
Diglycidylether of iso-eugenol: a suitable lignin-derived synthon for epoxy thermoset applications 2016 RSC Advances  Francois C., Pourchet S., Boni G., Fontaine S., Gaillard Y., Placet V., Galkin M., Orebom A., Samec J., Plasseraud L.
Stoichiometry-controlled cycloaddition of nitrilimines with unsymmetrical exocyclic dienones: microwave-assisted synthesis of novel mono- and dispiropyrazoline derivatives 2016 RSC Advances  Gazzeh H., Boudriga S., Askri M., Khatyr A., Knorr M., Strohmann C., Golz C., Rousselin Y., Kubicki M.M.
Electroreduction of bromate anion on inactive RDE under steady-state conditions: numerical study of ion transport processes and comproportionation reaction 2016 Russian Journal of Electrochemistry  Antipov A.E., Vorotyntsev M.A.
Electropolymerization of magnesium 5,15-di(n-methoxyphenyl)p orphine 2016 Russian Journal of Electrochemistry  Konev D.V., Lizgina K.V., Istakova O.I., Baulin V.E., Kalashnikova I.P., Devillers C.H., Vorotyntsev M.A.
Preparation of cobalt polyporphine and its catalytic properties in oxygen electroreduction 2016 Russian Journal of Electrochemistry  Konev D.V., Lizgina K.V., Khairullina D.K., Shamraeva M.A., Devillers C.H., Vorotyntsev M.A.
The method of double cathodic-anodic potential (current) pulses for synthesis of composite coatings Prussian blue-polypyrrole on optically transparent electrodes 2016 Russian Journal of Electrochemistry  Talagaeva N.V., Pisareva P.A., Grebenko A.K., Vorotyntsev M.A., Zolotukhina E.V.
Direct visualization of both DNA and RNA quadruplexes in human cells via an uncommon spectroscopic method 2016 Scientific Reports  Laguerre A., Monchaud D., Wong J.M.Y.
Computational understanding and experimental characterization of twice-as-smart quadruplex ligands as chemical sensors of bacterial nucleotide second messengers 2016 Scientific Reports  Zhou J., Roembke B.T., Paragi G., Laguerre A., Sintim H.O., Fonseca Guerra C., Monchaud D.
Bias and humidity effects on the ammonia sensing of perylene derivative/lutetium bisphthalocyanine MSDI heterojunctions 2016 Sensors and Actuators B: Chemical  Gaudillat P., Wannebroucq A., Suisse J.-M., Bouvet M.
Biomimetic studies of porphyrin self-assembled systems 2016 Supramolecular Systems: Chemistry, Types and Applications  Bessmertnykh-Lemeune A.G., Guilard R., Stern C., Enakieva Y.Y., Gorbunova Y.G., Tsivadze A.Y., Nefedov S.E.
Palladium-polypyrrole nanocomposites Pd and PPy for direct C-H functionalization of pyrroles and imidazoles with bromoarenes 2016 Synlett  Bizouard P., Testa C., Zinovyeva V.A., Roger J., Hierso J.-C.
Cluster Preface: Heterogeneous Catalysis 2016 Synlett  Hierso J.-C., Uozumi Y.
An expedient synthesis of N,N-dialkylamino-dihydrox anthene-pyrylium conjugated near-infrared fluorescent dyes 2016 Tetrahedron Letters  Romieu A., Richard J.-A.
Early-late? heterobimetallic catalysis and beyond 2016 Topics in Organometallic Chemistry. Homo- and Heterobimetallic Complexes in Catalysis  Bodio E., Picquet M., Le Gendre P.

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