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Ditopic macrocyclic receptors with a 4,7-diamino-1,10-phenanth roline fragment for multimodal detection of toxic metal ions 2016 ChemPlusChem  Abel A.S., Mitrofanov A.Y., Rousselin Y., Denat F., Bessmertnykh-Lemeune A., Averin A.D., Beletskaya I.P.
Principles of molecular chirality 2016 Chirality in Supramolecular Assemblies - Causes and Consequences  Chambron J.-C., Keene F.R.
1,3-Dipolar cycloaddition of diaryldiazomethanes across N-ethoxy-carbonyl-N-(2,2, 2-trichloroethylidene)ami ne and reactivity of the resulting 2-azabutadienes towards thiolates and cyclic amides 2016 Comptes Rendus Chimie  Kinghat R., Schmitt G., Ciamala K., Khatyr A., Knorr M., Jacquot-Rousseau S., Rousselin Y., Kubicki M.M.
1,4-Bis(arylthio)but-2-en es as assembling ligands for (Cu2X2)n (X = I, Br; N = 1, 2) coordination polymers: aryl substitution, olefin configuration and halide effects on the dimensionality, cluster size and luminescence properties 2016 Crystal Growth and Design  Bonnot A., Knorr M., Guyon F., Kubicki M.M., Rousselin Y., Strohmann C., Fortin D., Harvey P.D.
Electrostatic contribution to the ion solvation energy: over-screening effect in the nonlocal dielectric response of the polar medium 2016 Current Physical Chemistry  Rubashkin A.A., Vorotyntsev M.A.
Development of trackable metal-based drugs: new generation of therapeutic agents 2016 Dalton Transactions  Bertrand B., Doulain P.-E., Goze C., Bodio E.
Direct P-functionalization of azobenzene by a cationic phosphidozirconocene complex 2016 Dalton Transactions  Normand A.T., Daniliuc C.G., Kehr G., Le Gendre P., Erker G.
Electroreduction of bromate anion in acidic solutions at the inactive rotating disc electrode under steady-state conditions: Numerical modeling of the process with bromate anions being in excess compared to protons 2016 Doklady Chemistry  Vorotyntsev M.A., Antipov A.E., Tolmachev Y.V., Antipov E.M., Aldoshin S.M.
Generalization of the Nernst layer model to take into account the difference in diffusivity between the components of the system in bromate reduction in steady-state one-dimensional mode: Current limiting by proton transport 2016 Doklady Physical Chemistry  Antipov A.E., Vorotyntsev M.A., Tolmachev Y.V., Antipov E.M., Aldoshin S.M.
Electrocatalytic activity of palladium-polypyrrole nanocomposite in the formaldehyde oxidation reaction 2016 Doklady Physical Chemistry  Gor'kov K.V., Zolotukhina E.V., Mustafina E.R., Vorotyntsev M.A., Antipov E.M., Aldoshin S.M.
Electrochemical synthesis of cobalt polyporphine films 2016 Doklady Physical Chemistry  Istakova O.I., Konev D.V., Devillers C.H., Vorotyntsev M.A., Zyubin A.S., Antipov E.M., Aldoshin S.M.
Spectroelectrochemical determination of the redox equivalent of magnesium porphine in the course of its electrooxidation 2016 Doklady Physical Chemistry  Istakova O.I., Konev D.V., Vorotyntsev M.A., Antipov E.M., Aldoshin S.M.
Efficient synthesis of a new electroactive polymer of Co(II) porphine by in-situ replacement of Mg(II) inside Mg(II) polyporphine film 2016 Electrochimica Acta  Rolle S.D., Konev D.V., Devillers C.H., Lizgina K.V., Lucas D., Stern C., Herbst F., Heintz O., Vorotyntsev M.A.
Bromate electroreduction via autocatalytic redox mediation: EC" mechanism. Theory for stationary 1D regime. Current limitation by proton transport 2016 Electrochimica Acta  Vorotyntsev M.A., Antipov A.E.
One-dimensional model of steady-state discharge process in hydrogen-bromate flow battery 2016 Electrochimica Acta  Vorotyntsev M.A., Antipov A.E., Tolmachev Y.V.
Plane-wave density functional theory 2016 Electronic structure calculations on graphics processing units: from quantum chemistry to condensed matter physics  Hutchinson M., Fleurat-Lessard P., Anciaux-Sedrakian A., Stosic D., Bédorf J., Tariq S.
Coumarin-phosphine-based smart probes for tracking biologically relevant metal complexes: from theoretical to biological investigations 2016 European Journal of Inorganic Chemistry  Dondaine L., Escudero D., Ali M., Richard P., Denat F., Bettaieb A., Le Gendre P., Paul C., Jacquemin D., Goze C., Bodio E.
An OFF-ON-OFF fluorescent sensor for pH windows based on the 13aneN4: Zn2+ system 2016 European Journal of Inorganic Chemistry  Pallavicini P., Amendola V., Bergamaschi G., Dacarro G., Denat F., Boschetti F., Nikolantonaki M., Gougeon R., D'Alessio G., Viaux A.-S., Bertheau L., Guyot S., Sok N.
The stereoselective self-assembly of chiral metallo-organic cryptophanes 2016 European Journal of Inorganic Chemistry  Schaly A., Rousselin Y., Chambron J.-C., Aubert E., Espinosa E.
Comparison of the octadentate bifunctional chelator DFO*-pPhe-NCS and the clinically used hexadentate bifunctional chelator DFO-pPhe-NCS for 89Zr-immuno-PET 2016 European Journal of Nuclear Medicine and Molecular Imaging  Vugts D.J., Klaver C., Sewing C., Poot A.J., Adamzek K., Huegli S., Mari C., Visser G.W., Valverde I.E., Gasser G., Mindt T.L., van Dongen G.A.

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