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A metal-responsive interdigitated bilayer for selective quantification of mercury(ii) traces by surface plasmon resonance 2016 Analyst  Ermakova E., Raitman O., Shokurov A., Kalinina M., Selector S., Tsivadze A., Arslanov V., Meyer M., Bessmertnykh-Lemeune A., Guilard R.
Ortho-functionalized aryltetrazines by direct palladium-catalyzed C-H halogenation: application to fast electrophilic fluorination reactions 2016 Angewandte Chemie, International Edition  Testa C., Gigot E., Genc S., Decreau R., Roger J., Hierso J.-C.
AMD3100: a versatile platform for CXCR4 targeting 68Ga-based radiopharmaceuticals 2016 Bioconjugate Chemistry  Poty S., Gourni E., Désogère P., Boschetti F., Goze C., Maecke H.R., Denat F.
2,3-Dihydrobenzofuran privileged structures as new bioinspired lead compounds for the design of mPGES-1 inhibitors 2016 Bioorganic and Medicinal Chemistry  Di Micco S., Riccio R., Spatafora C., Cardullo N., Tringali C., Fischer K., Pergola C., Koeberle A., Werz O., Chalal M., Vervandier-Fasseur D., Bifulco G.
Carbon nanotube ? protamine hybrid: evaluation of DNA cell penetration 2016 Carbon  Caoduro C., Kacem R., Boukari K., Picaud F., Brachais C.-H., Monchaud D., Borg C., Boulahdour H., Gharbi T., Delage-Mourroux R., Hervouet E., Pudlo M.
Blending Quadruplexes and Bordeaux: A Grand Cru! 2016 Cell Chemical Biology  Yatsunyk Liliya A., Monchaud D., Sen D.
Electrochemical and spectroelectrochemical properties of free-base pyridyl- and N-alkyl-4-pyridylporphyri ns in nonaqueous media 2016 ChemElectroChem  Cui Y., Zeng L., Fang Y., Xu H.-J., Desbois N., Gros C.P., Zhu J., Kadish K.M.
Tuning the electrochemistry of free-base porphyrins in acidic nonaqueous media: influence of solvent, supporting electrolyte and ring substituents 2016 ChemElectroChem  Cui Y., Zeng L., Fang Y., Zhu J., Devillers C.H., Lucas D., Desbois N., Gros C.P., Kadish K.M.
Direct grafting of free-base meso-triarylporphyrins on electrode materials through diazonium reduction: reversible zinc(II) metallation of the resulting materials 2016 ChemElectroChem  Hebié S., Devillers C.H., Fournier S., Lucas D.
Generalized Nernst layer model: application to bromate anion electroreduction and theory for the stationary 1D regime of proton transport limitations 2016 ChemElectroChem  Vorotyntsev M.A., Antipov A.
Novel chemoselective (18)F-radiolabeling of thiol-containing biomolecules under mild aqueous conditions 2016 Chemical Communications  Chiotellis A., Sladojevich F., Mu L., Muller Herde A., Valverde I.E., Tolmachev V., Schibli R., Ametamey S.M., Mindt T.L.
BODIPY atropisomers interconversion, face discrimination, and superstructure appending 2016 Chemical Communications  Doulain P.-E., Goze C., Bodio E., Richard P., Decreau R.A.
Applications and stereoselective syntheses of P-chirogenic phosphorus compounds 2016 Chemical Society Reviews  Dutartre M., Bayardon J., Juge S.
Multiple roles of isocyanides in palladium-catalyzed imidoylative couplings: a mechanistic study 2016 Chemistry  Perego L.A., Fleurat-Lessard P., El Kaim L., Ciofini I., Grimaud L.
Prefolded synthetic G-quartets display enhanced bioinspired properties 2016 Chemistry, A European Journal  Flack T., Constantin T., Penasse S., Dejeu J., Gennaro B., Jourdan M., Laguerre A., Pirrotta M., Monchaud D., Spinelli N., Defrancq E.
NIR emitting BODIPY-based MOnomolecular Multifunctional Imaging Probes: from synthesis to in vivo investigations 2016 Chemistry, A European Journal  Maindron N., Ipuy M., Bernhard C., Lhenry D., Moreau M., Carme S., Oudot A., Collin B., Vringeaud J.-M., Provent P., Brunotte F., Denat F., Goze C.
Insertion reactions of neutral phosphidozirconocene complexes as a convenient entry into frustrated Lewis pair territory 2016 Chemistry, A European Journal  Normand A.T., Daniliuc C.G., Wibbeling B., Kehr G., Le Gendre P., Erker G.
Synthesis, electrochemistry, and photophysics of aza-BODIPY porphyrin dyes 2016 Chemistry, A European Journal  Pascal S., Bucher L., Desbois N., Bucher C., Andraud C., Gros C.P.
Gold-catalyzed Suzuki coupling of ortho-substituted hindered aryl substrates 2016 Chemistry, an Asian Journal  Dwadnia N., J. R., Pirio N., Cattey H., Ben Salem R., Hierso J.-C.
An optically-pure hemicryptophane as NMR and ECD responsive probe for chloroform 2016 ChemistrySelect  Bregier F., Aubert E., Espinosa E., Chambron J.-C.

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