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Dr Benoit HABERMEYER, PorphyChem Director

Office : E-R10

Phone 1 : +33 (0)3 80 39 61 01

Phone 2 : +33 (0)3 80 39 61 17 (FAX)

E-mail : b.habermeyer(at)

Education/Research Team : PorphyChem

2007-2008 : Master CMPP, Dijon (web)
2008-2011 : PhD

since 2011 : Project in incubation PorphyTech

Development of molecules absorbing in the near infrared for the conversion of light energy

The chemical derivatives absorbing in the near infrared play a crucial role in many photochemical applications such as the production of solar fuels by photocatalysis, the generation of electricity from solar cells and the treatment of cancer or infectious diseases by photodynamic therapy. The exploitation of these applications depends mainly on the ability of chemical companies to provide the adequate molecules. In this context, PorphyTech aims to develop new photosensitive tetrapyrrolic compounds based on innovative synthetic methods and on its knowhow.

See the web site of the Burgundy incubator

Academic degree
  • "Synthesis and Physico?Chemical Studies of Flexible Trimetallic Complexes in Bisporphyrinic Serie", Date 08/07/2011
  • University : Burgundy University
  • Advisor : BARBE Jean-Michel, GROS Claude

ICMUB (UMR 5260) - University of Burgundy - Dijon (France)